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Since 1983

Cohout nv exists since 1983 and is settled in Nieuwerkerken (Limburg, Belgium).

It is the continuation of a second generation wood traders, with a many years' tradition and experience in forest exploitation and trading logs.

Many years

The result of many years of commitment of Ludo Colemont and his team is that Cohout has grown to become one of the most important suppliers to the first processing wood industry.


Beside the trading of logs, Cohout has also specialized in the trade of lumber.Some of the factors that have made this favourable development possible are undoubtedly the excellent co- operation with different subcontractors and the combination of a favourable strategic position and good transport facilities.

Forest Management

Cohout is situated central in an area where forest exploitation still knows an enormous increase. The justified economic forest management ensures that there are always new stocks of exploitable wood available. Cohout nv has specialized in several poplar varieties, but also provide in the trade of beech, oak, ash, etc.


Cohout is PEFC and FSC certified

This means that we have proven to do ecologically balanced wood exploitation and are committed to do so in the future. This guarantees a continuing supply of new wood.

The lifecycle of a tree.

The first step when chopping a tree is getting the right permit from the ministry of environment. They regulate a strict control on the ecological balance in the Belgian environment.After getting the right permit the trees are cut. The cut permit can be demanded by the owner of the forest or by Cohout itself.

Quality of wood

Once all the trees are cut someone from Cohout will divide the trees in different lengths depending on the quality of the wood. Once that is done they are shipped to a customer.Bigger branches of the trees are used a firewood or are sometimes moulded to serve as food for the surface.When all the trees are cut new young trees will be planted to replace the old ones.The chopped trees are transported via truck, train or ship to the customer in cooperation with multiple trusted transporters and subcontractors

After contacting us

After contacting a Cohout representative someone will visit the parcel to measure the trees and check their quality. After the initial check Cohout will calculate a price to continue the agreement. Once the agreement has been made the trees are cut by one, or multiple persons, depending on the dimensions of the parcel. After chopping the trees they are dragged out of the parcel in whole and stacked for further processing.


As a wood processor you mostly depend on the quality of your raw materials. Cohout nv has developed into a trustworthy supplier of hardwood due to its eye for quality and its many years' experience in forest exploitation and negotiating different wood species

Forest exploitation

By doing its own forest exploitation, Cohout has a favorable position and is able to offer you a wide assortment of European hardwood lumber. All our logs are already carefully selected and measured before being cut.

Superior Quality

Cohout gladly invites you in its warehouse for you to observe the superior quality of our products. We always have the most common thicknesses of Oak and Beech in stock, both per log and square edged. To meet your specific needs a period planning is designated. Cohout can provide according to your wishes as long as we are noticed well in advance.

Visit our warehouse

If you wish to visit our warehouse, or if you would like to have further information concerning our range of lumber, you can always contact our representatives:

Bart Colemont

Mobile: +32 474 43 54 28


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